Teaching and learning got a far deeper meaning when the AIRSC ACADEMY OF SAFETY AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT was set-up. Mr. R. Padmanabhan, a great visionary and dynamic leader, laid the foundation of the institute that went on to win the respect and admiration of students as well as other Institutes. The high standard of education imparted at the different Institutes in the fields of Safety Engineering, Safety Management has proved to be the lifeline for many successful careers.


To develop high academic standards and quality of education for its programs so as to extend limitations beyond traditional classroom situations.

  • To create through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines.
  • To assist in development of new methods and process of safety engineering services, skills and analytical techniques.
  • To develop managerial/leadership abilities and analytical skills, training, communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
  • To promote placements in various industries /Govt Dept and organisations.
  • To create awareness about Safety and precautions to be taken to avoid mishaps due to Fire.
  • To expertise mankind in using machines and allied equipments more effectively during Fire, excess environmental pollution and hazards associated with them.
  • To minimize loses of life and property due to Fire by producing skilled professionals who can standby firmly during calamities.
  • To carve out trained professionals to fulfill the necessities of a fully fledged Safety and Environment Control Department, as this is now felt by emerging competitive environment industries and businesses.
  • AASDM is mainly focuses on the innovative approach to Safety Engineering and Safety Management. It has a very noble cause of fulfilling the need of our society and country by providing effective education and highest standard training to the students in this field, resulting ultimately into the reduction of the precious human life and valued property loss due to Fires. AASDM is continuously striving to achieve this goal by conducting various courses with extensive practical/technical visits/Attachment Training Programs.
  • By virtue of its growing role in saving life and property on a large scale, Safety Engineering is fast becoming one of the world's noblest professions. Industrial statistics has put the upcoming Indian requirements of over three lakh personnel of Fire and Safety per year. Moreover, unlimited opportunities come from govt departments, especially from the Gulf countries. Students investing their time in this sunrise industry are creating a great career opportunity for themselves, in addition to getting a head start over job seekers in other fields. Safety Engineering can be defined as, "The application of scientific and engineering principles, rules and expert judgments, based on understanding of the phenomenon and effects of fire, its reactions and behaviour of people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of Safety".

  • Safety engineers find job openings in the Government Safety Services, Architectural and Building Design, Insurance Assessment, Project Management, Aircraft Industry, Refineries, Industrial Processing and in any area where the possibility of fire or combustion represents a hazard with increasing urbanization, the use of electrical appliances, office automation, etc.

    The increasing number of fire disasters in Railways, Air ways, Shipping, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Industries and other strategic places is causing tragic loss of precious lives and large scale destruction of property. This confirms the necessity for Fire Fighting Engineers.


    Safty Engineering

    Safety is one of the simplest forms of energy known to man, Ever since man learnt to use it; it has been used for a variety of purpose. In the early days it was used to safeguard one from cold, as a source of light and as a medium of cooking food. Today, we see fire being used for a number of purposes. However, fire, like many other boons, is hazardous. This necessitates due care in its use. Invaluable lives are lost every year due to inadvertent fires. Similarly, property worth crores of rupees is destroyed by uncontrolled fire incidents. A number of industrial units suffer huge losses due to fire. Hence, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of fire and methods of prevention of losses from it, for the safe working of any industry.

    Safety Management

    Safety professionals play an important role in the safety of all forms of Transportation, Railroads, Aviation, Shipping Corporations, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Chemical Plants and many Engineering involves the identification, Evaluation, and Control of hazards in man-machine system (Products, machines, Equipment, or facilities) that contain a potential to cause inquiry to people or damage to property Safety management consists of a set or safety programme elements, policies, and procedures, that manage the conduct of safety activity. Safety Engineering and Safety Management make up the integrated whole. While Safety Engineering can be viewed as being the administrative or software side of such prevention. Safety Management provides the structure within which the techniques of safety engineering are applied.

    Environmental Engineering

    Industries worldwide are trying to either eliminate the release of materials that can harm the public or damage the environment, or recover and recycle excess materials for environmental conservation. An environmental Safety Officer can help in regulating these processes. The officer should have extensive knowledge or environmental standards, laws and regulations. Environment at problems exist in many countries and industries. Engineers may work in such diverse industries as Water Supply and Drainage, Irrigation, Mining, Power and Petrochemical and other Heavy Industries.



    What is Safety Course

    Safety is a general subject .It is linked with all fields of the world, be it Railways, Industrial, Marine, Aeronautical, Petrochemical or any other field... DOWNLOAD

    Admission Procedures

    A Candidate who has passed a three year Bachelor Degree from a recognized University or equivalent degree with a minimum of 50% in aggregate or who has... DOWNLOAD


    At AASDM , We have a very active Training and our placement Service Department to provide appropriate jobs and suitable training to the... DOWNLOAD


    At AASDM , We have a very active Training and our placement Service Department to provide appropriate jobs and suitable training to the... DOWNLOAD